Meet Katie

I'm Katie... Mark’s wife & momma to Nina Lorraine and Mae Frances!! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. So great to meet you!

I'm a daughter, VP of Operations at our family owned software company, non-profit Board President, and friend. I have a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Communication from Gonzaga University (undergrad from the lovable St. Norbert College!) and eat up anything and everything on personal development, living with purpose and intention, and making the most of my time.  

I believe in the magic of tradition and simplicity.

I love splurging on fancy restaurants and wine, but equally relish spending time at home with friends and family. 

I believe my success at home, work, in my marriage and with my kiddos doesn't happen by chance but by the choices I make.

On a daily basis, my girls teach me about humor, love, beauty, pride and savoring the teeny tiny moments of joy that life offers.

I really dislike winter, but love my home state of Wisconsin. Why? One word. Cheese!! ;)

Thanks to my mom I make amazing varieties of salad (sounds silly, but just come over to my house!) and always have to eat something sweet after dinner (even if it's usually just 1 M&M). 

I have a baby grand piano, but I don't play nearly enough.

I’m probably a little too impatient and am very particular about how things are done. OCD or type A, anyone? Just being real. 

I hate scary movies. Even scary movie preview commercials.

On Saturday mornings in the summer, you'll find me at our local farmers market. Nothing better.

I love letterpress and handwritten notes.

I'm an Adele, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Top Chef , New Girl and Big Bang Theory fan. :)

Summer cocktail of choice = basil martini on the pontoon.

Winter cocktail of choice = Napa Cabernet by the fire.


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