Italian Wedding Liquor

My mom's side is Italian (my biological grandmother was born in Italy). I don't look Italian, but I can make a fantastico from-scratch spaghetti sauce, drink some robust Italian red wine with the best of them, and most importantly, imbibe in some Italian Wedding Liquor.

The tradition goes back centuries (and generations in our case). The liquor is sweet and strong, and is passed out to one's guests upon entering a wedding reception. At our wedding and at Mr. Evans' bachelor party, it created quite the memories. My godfather, Uncle Ray, provided our liquor. He's awesome at making (and drinking) the liquor, so a few weekends ago we all ventured over to his house to learn how to make liquor. In our case, our bottles will be sealed for Nina's wedding day. Evelyn's parents also made liquor for her big day. See photos that I took of the girls posted here.

Here is Nina at home in our basement with her loot. Mr. Evans suggested a photo like this to be used on her wedding day... far in the future. :)

Is it just me or are her cheeks getting more plump every day?


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