Cousins Fun and Paella

I love spending time with family and I love to cook. Pretty much the only things I blog about, right?

A few weekends ago, I returned home from downtown Chicago (it was Kerri's bachelorette party - how fun, wish I would've brought my camera), and Mr. Evans and Nina picked me up from the Amtrak station. Since the Milwaukee Public Market is near, we had lunch at the Fish Market and purchased a few ingredients for my favorite Paella. I lived in Spain in high school and this dish brings back memories from my trip. Anyway, we decided to do a last minute get together with my cousin Mike, his wife Kala and our goddaughter Evie. 

Clockwise: Evie has perfected the Zoolander face. - Hugging. - Evie trying some Paella and peas. - Just two adorable cuties.

A quick snapshot of Nina.

I used Ina's Easy Paella recipe. I know it's not authentic, but it will do.

We use this Paella pan. Just don't make our mistake and forget to season the pan before its first use. Who knew Paella pans ought to be treated like cast iron?


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