Miami Vacation!

We recently traveled to Miami for our annual vacation with my parents. We had a super relaxing and fun time at Turnberry Isle Resort - very luxurious, but family friendly! This post is long, but there were so many fun moments I had to share.

Nina took her first plane trip and did great! She sucked on her little pacifier, took a short nap, played with toys and was passed around. She really enjoyed sitting on the aisle so she could people watch.

Mr. Evans and my dad golfed one morning while I had a massage at the spa. The photos below are from dinner at Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak. Most people would think it's a bit fancy for a baby, but we dined appropriately earlier, ate great food, had a wine tasting with the sommelier, and were in bed by 9:30! :)

Nina and I... I love this little daughter of mine with all my being.

 A little family action poolside. We loved the pools, lazy river and the beach. So many options!

Nina is a warm weather lover, just like her momma. And don't you love her fuchsia Ray Bans?

Grandpa with a cigar, cell phone and Long Island. Typical. :) 
Nina LOVED the water! Seriously she LOVED splashing around, wading in the wader and didn't mind one bit if a little water got in her eyes. It might be something to do with the fact that we give her a bath every night due to her reflux and messy spit ups... nonetheless, she had a blast and I was proud. 

We also spent lots of time drinking Mojito's. Our favorite was on Ocean Drive in South Beach at a restaurant called A Fish Called Avalon.


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