March has been a full month - full of trips and full of fun memories. The first weekend in March, I was in Chicago for a bachelorette party. The second week, I was in San Diego on business. The third weekend we headed out of town to MN
 for my SIL's first wedding shower. The fourth weekend, we headed to Mr. Evans's hometown for my SIL's second shower. And this weekend - right now - (the fifth in March), I am in De Pere for my second annual SNC girls weekend. More to come on that later! :)

Below are some super fun pictures from both of my SIL Beth's (or Bessie as we all call her) showers. She'll be a beautiful bride and we cannot wait for her big day!

Beth's first shower was on St. Patrick's Day, so Nina wore her themed outfit, bib and bow.
Also, don't you love how big little Evan is getting?
The upper left photo shows toasting glasses I made for Beth's "bachelorette" dinner out. I surprised her at dinner with my homemade little creation. :)

The Evans family girls! What a pretty bride in the center!

(Don't mind Nina's spit up... we can't change bibs fast enough)
 For lunch, we made PW chicken salad on fresh croissants, balsamic tomato pasta salad, fruit salad, tomato/basil/mozz skewers, had a cheese/dried fruit tray and a spinach salad with GOP vinaigrette. For dessert, we had gourmet cupcakes and a sundae bar. Also, the picture in the top right is a four-generation photo - Nina, Mr. Evans, Mary Kay and Grandma Rhea.
Shower Invite from Etsy here! My SIL's color is this pretty turquoise and her theme is whimsy, modern and  retro all at once - just like this invite.


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