Another delish summer meal on a nice night

A few nights ago my in-laws came over dinner on a warm summer evening. I always love to see them!  So does Nina and Mr. Evans (of course). There are always many good stories and political jokes to be told. And, if I'm lucky my mother-in-law will bring a fabulous dessert! I also used salad from my garden for a large, fresh tomato salad lightly dressed with sea salt, evoo and good balsamic vinegar. I use the Oilerie's 25-year balsamic. Homemade turkey burgers, a chilled glass of white wine... what could be better?

My two favorite turkey burger recipes are this one and from this cookbook (which I swear both my mom and I use for just about every weeknight dinner). The version I made on this occasion had dijon mustard, gruyere cheese, scallions and breadcrumbs as its base.


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