Door County Triathlon

This past weekend we traveled to Door County for Mark's half Ironman triathlon. You may remember my post from last year about the DC tri (keep in mind I was mega-preggo)! I always love being a spectator for his triathlon events. They are so inspirational, full of positive energy and such a fun way to spend the morning. I'm glad Nina is getting in on the action at an early age.

Mark did great (as usual), as did my Uncle Mark who participated in the sprint tri. We had a large crew this year - my parents, my aunt and uncle, Nina and my in-laws - all ready to cheer everyone on. And, we were fortunate enough to stay in a beautiful home perfect for bike gear, a baby, beer, lots of delicious food, picturesque sunsets and good times! The weekend flew by and we were home Sunday night before we knew it. Luckily, I managed to sneak in a bit of shopping with my mom for DC items such as a Sweetie Pie, cherry items, a homemade supper club-esque Old Fashioned mix and some wine. Otherwise it was all swim, bike and run... see the photos below!

Pretty view from our home for the weekend. 
Ignore my crazy look, but Nina's pose was too funny not to share. 
Mr. Evans skipping rocks, enjoying a beer and watching the sunset.
We stayed two nights and had two perfect sunsets!
An angel and captain from my Team Triumph. Learn more here - So awesome. I bawled my eyes out.
My uncle Mark headed out on the bike course.
Mr. Evans returning from his 1.2 mile swim. Don't you love the wetsuit strippers?! :)
Spectators on the bike course. :)
Mr. Evans looking strong on the 56 mile bike ride.
Mr. Evans and NINA (and my mom) on the 13 mile run. He carried her for a few steps - she (and he) looovved it.
Nina and Daddy are hot and tired... 

And with his finisher's medal...
Next stop... IRONMAN WISCONSIN 2012. 


p.s. Wahoo is easy for me to say since all I do is "spectate" but still - I'm a proud and excited wife. :)


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