The County Fair

Last week, my mom and I took Nina on an outing - to the Washington County Fair. We had a great time going through the animal barns, checking out the 4H projects, tasting some food (corn dogs and snow cones - my fav) and going on Nina's first carousel ride. Our county fair is the perfect size - not too big, not too small and full of small town fun. I think our photos speak for themselves. :)

Nina was very clingy around the horses. And we are both looking very hot - sorry.  For clarification, I mean temperature hot. :)

She takes tractor driving very seriously. 

Don't mess with me, momma!

Grandma and Nina checking out the animals!

Ahhh - her first carnival ride. She loved it. I have the most adorable video of her, but we'll keep that for my own records. 


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