Last weekend, we celebrated our German heritage at Germanfest in downtown West Bend. Missy and Dave were along for the fun!

We ate the best of fare including bratwurst, kraut, red cabbage, walleye fish fry, spanferkel sandwich, spaetzle, Sprecher beer, poppy seed torte, and apple kuchen. I snapped these photos on my iPhone.

Along with listening to and watching some great Polka, Mr. Evans and Dave participated in a Masskrugstemmen contest. Google it. All I can say, is stay tuned on Missy's blog here for photos and maybe even a video. Basically, it involves lots of beer, a strong arm and a 1st place prize.

So glad she's back in town!
These men even wore matching Hofbrauhaus t-shirts from Germany... Nina doesn't look so impressed. :)


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