Random Acts...

I'll be honest. I am accustomed to UPS and FedEx boxes waiting at my side door. I do lot of Internet and Etsy shopping, so it is normal to come home and see a box perched against my freshly painted house.

However, last week was an exception. The box was from a good friend of mine, Sarah (she blogs here). What a treat, but why was she sending me something? I ripped the box open eager to find out and lo and behold... I found this.

I was a "victim" in a series of Random Acts of Kindess. Read below. How cool is that? I was honored to receive the box. Love you, Sar!

Side note, the item I chose was a frozen strawberry margarita mixer... haha. I left the pretty bracelet, necklace and coffee for someone else. Who might be next? :) I was at the Post Office yesterday afternoon so it's on its way to the next victim.

Might this prompt you to think about ways to perform a "ROAK" today? How have you received or performed a ROAK in the past?

Happy Tuesday!


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