Ironman Wisconsin 2012

We made it through September's three important events - Ironman, Nina's birthday, and Ireland. Today is October 1st and I am proud to reflect on a fantastic, wonderful and memorable month!

I thought I'd begin with a recap of Mr. Evans's Ironman journey. Blog posts on the other two events will follow sometime in the next week or so. 

Words don't do Ironman justice. I could write a whole book about Mr. Evans's journey, but it's his journey... not mine. I can tell you a little something though. There is a feeling you get when watching an Ironman. I don't know what it's like to participate, but as a spectator I know what it's like to feel the pre-race jitters and energy, smell the hard work, see the smiles and tears, hear the splashes in the water and the sounds of the road bikes, see the sunrise with 2,500 swimmers lining the horizon. It's a magnificent day. If you've spectated, you know what I mean. And, since I have so many photos I thought I'd put together a little video. By little I mean 7+ minutes long. You won't be disappointed if you watch it. Maybe I'm a bit biased... I am a proud IronWife!

Also, a few stats - the Wisconsin Ironman had triathletes from all 50 states and 19 countries. There were over 3,000 volunteers for 2,500 participants. There were 955 first timers. The youngest participant was 18 and the oldest was 73. Pretty amazing. For more inspiration, check out this video.

Congrats, Mr. Evans. You are an Ironman!


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