Blogging. Hmmm. Lately I feel like I should do more (or less) with my blog?!

People read it and I never even knew they kept up with little old Rhubarb & Linen.

That's pretty awesome!


It sometimes feels like a popularity contest. I read many many blogs that get tons of comments, sponsors, etc. That's really not my thing.

And that's ok.

Maybe I'll turn my comments off so I don't feel inferior by the lack of commenting on my blog.

Silly, right?

I mainly blog for myself, as a place to record the memories of my life. However, in truth I don't blog about our day-to-day life (the yummy things we eat for dinner, what we really do on the weekends, restaurants we frequent, funny things that happen, not so funny things that happen). It's really just a totally random smattering of whatever I feel like posting about.

And maybe that's ok, too.

Here is a question I'd love for you to take a minute to answer. What kind of posts on this blog do you enjoy the most?

Nina? Recipes? DIY projects? Photos of everyday life? Or, maybe it's just that you're nosy (trust me, I am tooootally nosy too)? Maybe you just want to keep up with my life?

I would love to hear from you. Thank you. Thank you.

(It's ironic that I talked about removing comments when now I am asking you to comment... I know. Maybe comment as anonymous?)

p.s. I am totally scatterbrained. Again, I know. Try asking my husband how he feels. :)


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