I've been reading articles and watching coverage ... heartbreaking and tragic coverage ... about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary for the past few days. As much as I want to turn away and reject the hurt in what is a happy time of year, I feel compelled to read the stories of heroism and pray for the little faces. The grieving families. The unopened presents. The lost innocence. I am so deeply and profoundly saddened. I know you are too. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends... the whole nation.

Really nothing else seems important right now except being with family. Being truly present and grateful.

I agree with her that "The devastating news coverage is extensive, and I have nothing enlightening to add to the conversation. But my thoughts have been consumed by those sweet children, teachers and families, as I'm sure yours have been."

I could make some politically charged comments about gun control, self defense, mental health and school safety - of which I have some strong feelings. But today in this Christmas season, all that really matters is that we turn to love and prayer. Prayers for peace. For a strong, smart nation. For the love that actually is all around us.

I like what she said here... "Let's be honest - it happened a few weeks ago in a mall - so don't shop? It's happened in a church a few years back here in my home state - so no church? Bullets have been sprayed into highways, so don't drive?... Prepare to go out, to be brave, to be ready, to understand, to know why, to live full and well and when they face evil (because they will) know where they stand and what they believe, and where they are ultimately headed."

That is all for today. Be kind to one another and please give an extra hug to your loved ones.


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