Weekend Trip

Last weekend we visited family in Hudson! What fun! I love a weekend trip! My SIL and BIL (they blog here) were in town from Montana, so we stayed with my other SIL, BIL, godson Evan and my MIL and FIL. Got that all?

We arrived late Friday night (we drove after Nina's bedtime) and woke up to a delicious breakfast of Pioneer Woman Breakfast Bread Pudding and homemade cinnamon rolls. At sunrise we watched hot air balloons rise into the morning glow. What beautiful colors and energy they brought to a frigid and snowy morning. After coffee time and lots of chatting, we did a little shopping (Home Goods and Ikea) while the men went on an impromptu pub crawl around town. The next day, my SIL and I went for mani/pedis. Much needed!

Nina spent lots of quality time with her cousin Evan. She also enjoyed her Meemaw's (my MIL) big sunglasses!

Nina: "Daddy, rinse my hair already. Seriously." .... Evan: "Jeez. Women sure are high maintenance."

Happy Wednesday!


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