The Violin

I'm sure we all have a list stored in the back of our minds filed away as maybe-one-days. Not bucket list items or truly important goals (I believe those should be written on paper somewhere where you can see them daily), but a fun list.

Or, maybe it's just me. I seem to have a list for everything!

Maybe it's read War and Peace, get a tandem bike, buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's?!

For me, it's to learn the violin. 

One day. 

You see, I already play piano. Quite well in fact. Although my fingers have lost their strength and could use some muscle memory practice, my brain still remembers the hours logged memorizing and practicing. I love playing piano and it's something I try to do as often as I can. So, I can't imagine learning the violin would be like starting from scratch (?!). 

But, back to why violin.

After my Grandma Lorraine died my Grandpa came across his mother's (we think) old violin. My Grandpa generously gave it to me and I had it repaired (new strings, new bridge, etc) a few years back. 

Since then, it's been sitting next to my baby grand. Just sitting. Staring. Waiting to be played.

I hear this song and just wish I could play it. Hauntingly beautiful.
The fact that the interior of the case is purple is meant to be. It's my favorite color.
One day. Right now, it's not a priority or something to which I'm willing to devote time. I already have a long list of things that I choose to make priorities.  But you better believe, one day... when babies are grown and Mr. Evans and I are old and gray I'll be playing Ashokan Farewell on my violin. 

What's on your maybe-one-day list?

** All photos above are of the violin. It's labeled as a Model Stradivarius made by Frederick Geisler Sachsen 1920. I can't help but wonder... who played it? Why? When? They were a rural family so I imagine this was a luxury?


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