An Annual (Crazy) Tradition

It's spring technically. But, it sure doesn't feel spring-ish. We are still seeing flurries and snow on the ground! It's almost May for heaven's sake! Nonetheless, winter's thick ice has left our beloved Big Cedar Lake which means it's time for Mr. Evans's annual jump! I think he must've been first this year.

You see, the flurries were still embedded in the grass. The ice dropped just a few days earlier.

Mr. Evans decided it was a perfect day for a dip. Yes, the sun was out but it was a crisp 38 degrees with a strong wind. My parents put their pier in the day prior (aka the day after the ice dropped). You'll notice from the photo below that no other piers are in!

There were two fishermen who informed us that the water was a balmy 40 degrees. They also thought Mr. Evans was insane and asked if our "shower was broken." Silly fisherman!

... And one...

... And two...

... And three!...

... And, that's it... even for an Ironman!

Notice me (in the jeans, black North Face, Ugg boots - brrr) taking photos?

Afterwards enjoying a beer and hot tub session! Crazy and lovable man.


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