A quick update

A quick update on our move! It went great! It couldn't have gone better, actually. We had fantastic help, loads of friends and family to boot, and are somewhat settled. Nina is doing better - her UTI is gone, her ear infection is better (despite a switch in antibiotics due to some not-so-fun side effects) and surprise! she has 4 new teeth. It was an eventful weekend to say the least. Then... about 4 hours after our last house guests left us on Sunday night... it. hit. me. The stomach flu? Food poisoning? Whatever it was, it was not fun. I sure do  hope none of my family gets whatever ailed me. :(

Despite this all, life goes on. We are so grateful for our new home. The time spent with family from near and far. The windows washed. The kitchen organized. A full fridge. And to my pleasant surprise, our tulips have bloomed, just in time for our first days. A nice little welcome from our new home. She must be saying to us... Hello Evans Family! I'm glad to have you live within my walls! Let's make some memories!


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