Stitch Fix Update

Here's an update on Stitch Fix! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, see my post here.

So, my second fix was a month or so ago. I purchased this fun navy cardigan with yellow, peach, mint and white polka dots. Excuse the photos in this post. They were all taken at like 10:30 pm and note - I am not good at selfie's (probably because I NEVER take them)!

Last week, I received my third fix. I purchased two dresses. The first is a belted black and white striped mini dress with sleeves and a scoop back. This cut works well on me because I have a small waist and larger hips.

The second dress is a dot print dress with a red leather belt. It's similar to the one above, but different enough. I thought hey, why not? I have plenty of easy-breezy summery dresses and am always in need of staple dresses for events. My "fixes" always include fun pattern, color, practical shirts and pants but I seem to stick with what my closet needs. :) For example, my second fix included cropped denim pants with stars (pretty much just like these) that are super fun, but not practical for me. Hello? I am not super trendy or a hipster, nor do I think I could pull them off!

If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, I'd love it if you used this link. I get a kick back. Thanks so much!


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