Nina's 1st Day of Toddler Montessori

Oh, how my heart melts when I see these photos. In fact, I get a bit misty eyed! September 3, 2013 was Nina's 1st day of Toddler Montessori School.

She's been attending our local Montessori for daycare since she was six weeks old, but she recently left the comfort of the infant room and moved on up to the toddler room. We never have to worry about Nina because we know that she is always having a great day. Her school is such a safe environment, and she gets lots of attention, patience and FUN! 

She now starts "school" from 8:30-11:30 am and the rest is lunch, outdoor playtime, art activities and more, until I pick her up after work. We even enrolled her in Spanish class! ¡QuĂ© bien!

Nina's toddler ladybug backpack here
Nina's bento lunch containers here
Nina's labels (Mabel's Labels) from Target

If you're not familiar with Montessori, check out the "about" section here. Or, this is a fun blog with ideas to use Montessori principles at home.


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