Wedding Officiant

This post is quite delayed, but still worth mentioning. Yes, Yes. Mr. Evans was a wedding officiant!!

Our good friends Bob and Erin got married Labor Day weekend at the Ostoff Resort in Elkhart Lake and asked Mr. Evans to officiate. Bob was actually the best man in our wedding 4 years ago, so Mr. Evans was honored to marry two people who couldn't deserve a beautiful wedding more! It goes without saying that he did amazing. I am happy to brag on his behalf. I wish we had it videotaped, but we do have his script (if you ever want to read it). He/we worked very hard and were so happy the ceremony went off without a hitch. I was also a personal attendant and reader, so it was fun weekend!!
Here's Mr. Evans and Dermot (our good friend from Ireland).
The beautiful bride and I!
Meanwhile, Nina was having a great time at Camp Schreiner (aka Aunt Carla's house). She sure loves play time with her cousins!! How cute is this photo Carla took? :)


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