5 Year SNC Reunion

A few weekends ago we celebrated our 5 year St. Norbert College reunion. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I should have - of friends, of our beautiful campus, laughing about fun memories, things we jammed into our time together, and more. As usual, the memories live on. Here's a few photos anyway... :)

Missing you Angela... :)

Mr. Evans pretending to be an alum... :)
Dinner at Bleu... yum!
It was so fun to have spouses along as well... typically our reunions are "girls only" (we also had TONS of good news to celebrate so I'm so glad everyone was there!!)

P.S. I loved this... 29 Underrated Things about Being in your Late Twenties. Perfect for us girls who are inching closer to our "late twenties".... :)


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