Just a few random photos to share ... Happy Monday!

Blurry photo, but here's Nina and my mom having a tea party with Nina's dolly's... :)
99.99% of the time you can find Nina playing with her babies (and a stuffed lamb she calls "lammmy"). She lays them all on a blanket face side up... and then...
Two minutes later they are all face down with random blankets over them going "night-night"... and then she repeats this. She's really a good momma to those orphanage of babies, so I'm hopeful she'll be a good big sister. :)
As usual, the cooking continues. On the left is Giada's herb mustard glazed salmon and Ina's roasted pear salad (I subbed out the blue cheese for one of Sartori's hard cheeses to make it preggo friendly).
Nina enjoys reading recipes and being in the kitchen, just like her momma!
Here's Nina at Grandparents Day at her Montessori School. They made handprint Christmas ornaments out of salt dough and she rolled out her own dough! How adorable!
Mr. Evans has been the best lately. Here's just a small example of the recent flowers that Nina and I have received!


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