Decking the Halls

Some of you may know that for the past week we were in Florida, enjoying the 85 degree weather and basking in the sun at an oceanfront condo. It was an awesome trip - stay tuned for a recap and photos on Friday! And now... back to the frigid temperatures and Wisconsin reality. Oh well... it is December after all!

Meantime, luckily we decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving (as is tradition) because now I am in full-time Christmas mode. When we were in Florida we totally unplugged and relaxed and rarely thought about the impending Christmas rush (except for Nina singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on repeat). In case you're wondering, I schedule 99.99% of my blog posts ahead of time which is why my posts from last week were so Christmasy! :)

So for now, I'm enjoying the twinkling lights of our tree, getting in as many Christmas songs as my ears will take, anticipating cookies and peppermint hot chocolate, online shopping for others, and more! You too? Less than 15 days and counting...

P.S. A few links you should check out... :)
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