Nina's First Christmas Concert (and other new things...)

Recently, Nina had her very first Christmas concert through her Montessori daycare. Can you spot her below? Her class sang "Rudolph", "Jingle Bells" and "Red, Green, White." While Nina didn't particularly sing (even though she knows the words), she did stay in line, keep her dress down and did not cry... so I consider that a success. She is only 2!! Nonetheless, both sets of grandparents were there which she LOVED (even my dad made it... just a mere 4 hours after his knee surgery)! What fun memories!

Mr. Evans surprised me with these beautiful Christmas-y tulips. We've had a lot of busy nights (which can often equal a bit of stress), combined with a t-o-n to be thankful for (some very exciting things have happened lately)... life is good.

I needed a new place to store/display our Christmas cards from friends and family. I couldn't find anything I liked online, so I made my own! It's "inspired" by an upright napkin holder type Christmas card holder my mom had when I was growing up. A few pieces of wood from Hobby Lobby (already the perfect size), some wood glue, white paint and a cute moose stencil - voila! This literally cost me $3.00 to make! Perfect.


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