Thanksgiving Recap

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them... that is the true measure of our thanksgiving." - W.T. Purkiser

As usual, thanksgiving was full of fun, family and food. What could be better? We celebrated on Thursday at my mom's house and on Saturday at my mother-in-law's. Here's just a few photos to recap the fun. I'm always having too much fun and forget to snap some pics. :)

Apple cider and Caramel Vodka... yumm (I only took a sip...!)
Nina and Evelyn at the kids table!
My cousin Mike and their new baby William Thomas. 
A bit of a bump is starting to appear...!! :)
My mother-in-law leading Evan and Nina in some pre-dinner yoga!
"Yoga" again. Notice Nina's baby is doing yoga as well... go figure!
Nina and her great-grandma Eileen Evans (mother of 15 children!)
Nina and her cousin Evan at the kids table - they are exactly 3 months apart and are the sweetest little friends!
My mom hosted about 25 people and my mother-in-law served 15 or so. Fun meals!! :)


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