25+ Week Bump Photo (Baby #2)

Honestly, I hate selfies. However, this has been my only form of bump documentation thus far. By the time we remember to take bump photos, I am in my "comfy" clothes, Nina is in bed, it's dark and the last thing on my mind is a "cute" bump photo. I suppose this photo is the exception - at least I managed to remember to take one. I've taken a few others on my iPhone, but none that are share-worthy, but enough for the little miss to see what her momma looked like as she was growing!

All things baby girl #2 are coming along! She's doing great - moving a ton. I feel great... nothing out of the ordinary to complain about! I'm still in regular clothes, just maternity jeans. Nina talks constantly about her little sister, gives her kisses, asks if she's coming along when we run errands (answer = "yes, in momma's tummy"), asks when she can hold her (answer = "soon, once she's done growing in momma's tummy"), asks to hold her, say goodnight and good morning, etc. She's going to be a fantastic big sister - I just know it.

Last weekend, we painted the nursery. I decided on Martha Stewart's Seed Pearl. It can be best described as a very light lavender with hints of gray. I plan to stencil on a pattern similar to this and I already bought this chandelier. Otherwise, I'm still deciding on the rest (artwork, curtains, bedding, etc). Fun stuff!

I'll keep you posted again soon! It sure is different with baby #2 - no registry, no baby showers, no first baby anxiety. Still, I am just as excited to meet this little girl in less than 15 weeks (I'm 26 weeks on Friday)! Wahoo!


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