Valentine's Day Recap

Part 1 of our Valentine's Day fun was here. Part 2 is a recap of the rest of our Friday! Mr. Evans took the day off to celebrate his birthday, so naturally he chose to head to Il Ritrovo for lunch. If you've never been and live in the area (I'm talking within 2 hours), RUN do not walk. It does not disappoint. We gravitate to delicious and consistent restaurants, and this is one of our favorites. We over eat every time, but it's sooo worth it. Notice how we each order (and eat!) our own pizzas. See below... I actually took photos of our meal, which I am usually totally against (except I forgot about Mr. Evans's dessert... whoops)!!

Later that evening, the indulgences continued and I hosted dinner for six to celebrate Valentine's birthdays. My in-laws (my MIL had a big special birthday on the 13th) and my parents came over... we had a blast! Here's the menu I cooked up:

Ina's Balsamic Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Pioneer Woman's Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Pioneer Woman's Cheddar Bacon Wedge Salad

Dessert was Strawberry Lake Cake in our traditional heart-shaped cake pan


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