36 weeks - Baby #2

I am now about 36 weeks along! Yay! Baby and I are doing great!! I am especially trying to savor these last few weeks of being pregnant. I know my time as a mom of 1 is dwindling, but Nina is so sweet and so excited to meet her baby sister that it's making it a bit easier to accept that fact that her time as an "only child" is almost up. I am an only child and on the flip side, Mr. Evans has three wonderful sisters... so I know there are advantages to both situations. We both wouldn't change our childhoods for one second. But right now, I can say that I am excited to raise two little girls!! It will be a honor to parent a little wee baby again with Mr. Evans - he's the best. Seriously. We're both ready for a new chapter to unfold. As is the course of our life, we love to move from one adventure to the next. :)

So... my bag is packed. The nursery is ready (and has been for some time now). The diapers have been bought. We have a few odds and ends to wrap up, but nothing major. Let the fun begin!!

p.s. Many people have been asking about our little girls name. Yes, we've decided. No, we're not telling. :) Stay tuned!


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