Summer Fun

Here's a few random photos of what we've been up to lately. My 4th of July recap will come later this week!

As we always do, on June 25th we go to visit the hospice where my Grandma Lorraine passed away. It's been 5 years - how time flies. This year we brought Nina Lorraine along. I sure wish they could have met each other.

Here's a silly photo of Mr. Evans and I hanging out with Mae after Nina's in bed. Sweet little girl ... :)

We recently had a weeknight impromptu picnic dinner at Regner Park. It was seriously the best. Good memories ... :)

Mr. Evans and my dad took Nina mini golfing for the first time while my mom, Mae and I attended a baby shower. I guess she did just ok, but those guys will get her swinging like a pro in no time!

We've been trying to spend lots of time at the lake. Mr. Evans loves to go out on the stand up paddle board. We think he broke his toe recently, so this is an easy exercise for him... :)


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