Family Reminders

I'm so proud of the little girl Nina is becoming. Each and every day she surprises me with her kindness, thoughtfulness, manners and enthusiasm for life. Honestly, it makes me SO proud.

At the beginning of summer, Mr. Evans and I decided on some "family rules" to instill within our girls. I really focus on parenting with intention and this is just part of it, I suppose. These are really more reminders than "rules"... reminders to us as parents to deliberately make sure that our attitudes as parents and husband/wife match up to these principles. I initially got the idea because of this book which I posted about here (and from these blog posts which I love). I made up a sign below and printed it to hang in our mudroom. Do you have "family rules"? I grew up with the best parents who taught me these things to the core, so I guess I did. :)

The best part of my home is who I share it with and these little reminders sure make it more fun!


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