Quick Florida Trip

Last week I flew to Florida to help my mom decorate their new oceanfront condo! We were starting from scratch (they've renovated the place from floor to ceiling) so we made quite the haul and accomplished a TON! Words can't even describe our determination. Who knew shopping could be so hard? :) Here is a teeeeeny tiny sampling of a few things we got. She's going for an oceany blue palate that feels family friendly, yet sophisticated and put together. I'll maybe do a "before and after" blog post when she's all finished!

We literally ran errands, shopped and met with contractors from sun up to sun down. It was a whirlwind. Gotta make the most of our time together! I imagine that's what all these HGTV shows are like! :) We did manage to watch the sunset only one night when we took a break for literally 15 minutes to have a glass of wine. So pretty!

Meanwhile, the greatest husband and daddy was holding down the fort back at home. He sent fun videos and photos which I greatly appreciated (in the video below Mae was laughing and "talking" up a storm). My girls LOVE their daddy... and for good reason. He's seriously the best!!!!!!!!! I missed them so much and am glad to be back home. We can't wait to go back down in November as a family to check it all out!


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