Evans Family Letterpress

One of our favorite things to do is letterpress. There is something about the tradition, simplicity and rhythm of the 1920's Chandler and Price that just makes me happy!

Read my last post for more details on what I mean:

It's the best to watch my husband and his dad do this together (Mae liked watching too). Mr. Evans has a LOT to learn from Terry who can do this stuff with his eyes closed. No doubt. My father-in-law learned to letterpress and Linotype at age 12, so he's an expert! I just love to pick out the type, designs and dig through his Hamilton cases FULL of vintage logos, pictures, icons and more! Here are a few photos from our most recent adventure.

All in all, we printed nearly 400 cards by hand, a few posters (as shown above) and experimented with a few other things. Fun fun!!


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