As usual, I tend to a random photo dump everyone once and awhile. Here's just a small sampling of what's been going on lately around here. :)
We've attempted to get Nina into tennis and golf this summer. Got to start 'em young, right? Thanks to our sweet neighbors who own our local tennis club for her racket! :)
What a little ham! :)
Friday dinner on the WBCC patio with my favorite date. 
For better or worse, Nina has ALREADY picked up on my organizational habits. She insists on keeping the shoes straightened in our mudroom closet, and when they get out of order she tells us it's messy. Silly girl! I couldn't resist this photo... you dont see Nina but she's jammed in the closet on the right hand side behind the door. :) Haha. At least she takes care of and respects her belongings. 
We didn't make our County Fair this year due to the weather, so we made sure to go to my in-laws. Here is my father-in-law, Mr. Evans and Nina. :)
Nina and I rode the teacups right before the rain hit.  She hated it, no? :)
Meanwhile, little Mae honey is all smiles and giggles. She honestly could NOT be a better baby!!!


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