I've been posting most of these photos to Instagram lately, but I thought I'd share some random iPhone pics from lately. As usual, it's a random smattering of bits of our life! :)

First up, Nina has been practicing and finally put her first ponytail into my hair. I think her face shows her excitement! :)

We're headed to Florida in a few weeks. My parents just returned from their condo and brought home some sand and seashells for Nina. We put them in a mason jar for a little project!

Mae is now sitting up on her own, which is awesome! She loves loves loves to see everything. She also loves loves loves her toes and can often be found munching away. This pic is blurry but I had to capture it!

Mae had already taken to "Circus Baby" - our family tradition. Can you believe how happy she looks? :)

Haha... I mean seriously. She made me take this picture if I remember correctly!

Our sweet little Mae honey. She melts my heart. What a beauty she is! And isn't her headband the cutest? My cousin Dana handmade it!!

Nina was invited to her very first birthday party by a boy from her Montessori school. It was a 3 year old party with pizza and bowling (with bumpers and a dinosaur ramp to help propel the ball). Nina and one other kiddo from her daycare were invited, which made me so proud (and emotional honestly... how can I have a little girl who gets invited to birthday parties... and by a boy!!)... She's a good little friend. Caring, happy, a good helper, thoughtful. Oh, Nina. Love you.


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