Bonita Beach Family Vaca

My parents condo in Florida is right on the beach, so we knew that once it was finished and ready for guests we'd start bringing groups down for fun in the sun and sand!! The week before Thanksgiving we ventured down for a long weekend with my parents, in-laws and sister-in-law Kate, her husband Adam, son Evan and baby #2 (due in February)! We had a relaxing and fun time all together. The weather was on and off, but overall we made the best of it and truly made some fun memories. Besides the pictures below, the guys golfed one morning, the girls (and Evan!) visited an orange grove, we had TONS of beach/pool time, went out for dinner, hit up the Beached Whale bar where Kate and Adam met years earlier, hunted for seashells, corralled the craziness that is Nina and Evan (man alive they sure keep us on our toes) and more!!

Here they are all ready to go! See ya Milwaukee. Hello Bonita!

Nina and Mae did great on the plane. I think this photo of Nina and her "wings" is adorable! My in-laws were on our flight, but they sat up a few rows.

Yay! We're all together!! Fun fun!

What follows are tons of random photos from the beach/pool...

I painted Mae's toenails for the first time. Yippee!!
The sound of ocean waves sure is soothing to a little baby girl... :)

Nina buried herself in the sand... silly girl. She LOVED it!

Circus baby!!!!

We ate dinner in a few nights (nothing better than fresh fish). It was fun to have our friends Kaity and Shawn join us as well!!

Until next time Bonita Beach...


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