New Site!

Yay! I am so excited to share my site makeover! :) I've been contemplating a new site/name for a few months now and finally can share the changes! I wanted something that would satisfy my wish for change and creativity, but that would be low cost to buy me some time before I decide to invest more time/money into this little blog of mine.

It's just a little blog face lift with new functionality. :)

The look is white, clean and simple with a little black and pink. I found a ready to go template from 17th Avenue Designs and honestly, it couldn't have been easier for me.

Let me show you around a bit.

There is now a fixed navigation bar and room for new "pages" - feel free to peruse my "Meet Katie" page to learn more about me or the "Start Here" page to view some of my favorite posts.

There are added social media icons so you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or contact me via email. It also now easier to stay updated about all things Rhubarb & Linen by subscribing via email.

Also, you can now pin any of my images/posts via the "Pin It" image that appears when you hover over a photo. Yay!

Two more things... 1. the site is now mobile responsive which means it looks and feels similar on a phone as it does on the computer (as opposed to the regular defaults). Yipeeeee! 2. I'm still making changes and tweaks, so while it's not "done" (is anything ever though??!) I couldn't wait to share the changes.

If you have any feedback or comments for additions, changes, things that aren't working, please let me know! I've made these changes all by myself so I'm still working out the kinks! :)

Thanks for being here!


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