Replacing Paper Napkins

Every time we're over for dinner at our good friends John and Kayla's house I notice they use cloth napkins for dinner. Such a simple and genius swap out, right?!! For the past few months I've noticed just how many paper napkins we use during meal time and figured it was time to give it a shot. We've already cut down our use of paper towels and cleaning products (see my posts on DIY Cleaning Tricks here), so why not?

I spent $20 at World Market for 12 cloth napkins and $12 for a cute basket at Target. We store them right next to our plates so I can easily grab a few for Nina to set the table. After dinner, the dirties get tossed in the laundry room (which is very close to our kitchen, otherwise I'd put a second basket in the cupboard). With little kiddos I do a load of laundry every few days (or so it seems). I may buy more cloth napkins in the future, but for now this seems to suffice. 

I'm glad we still have paper napkins available because cloth isn't perfect for everything. But, just their presence has already cut down on our cost AND usage of paper napkins.

Note: I don't plan to iron these after washing (that would be ridculous for me, especially because I hate ironing). Mom or Grandma in heaven, please forgive me. They'll just get folded (probably by Nina) and plopped back in the basket for easy usage. :)

Do you use paper napkins? Would you?

Here are ours in our pull out cabinet drawers near the plates and bowls.

A little up close look... :)

I purchased two varieties - a cute stripe and a gray option. I'd probably reach for the gray option on spaghetti or pizza night!


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