Bonita Trip

Hello dear readers! I'm back after a two week hiatus. Thanks for sticking around while I took some time away from my little corner of the internet!

We took a trip to Bonita Springs to visit my parents and then I took a few days off from blogging to catch up. But fear not, I'm back and ready to go. I have so many exciting posts coming up that I can't wait to share with you!!

First things first - a Bonita recap. As usual the weather was in the 90's, we spent tons of time outside by the ocean and by the pool, ate fantastic food, beachy drinks... blah blah blah. Hehe! But seriously, here are a few quick iPhone shots from our trip. We're so thankful to be able to visit and for parents who put up with our shenanigans (or get us into them)! ;) This trip was tons of fun, but also full of tons of sickness (poor little Mae had a stomach bug on and off and struggled the entire trip). Luckily, we all made the best of it and continued on with enjoying all the beach offers!! Here are a few quick photos...
Mae's tongue is ever present in these photos I suppose... ;P (silly girl)
Despite being sick on and off Mae loved her time in the pool - a water baby just like her sister!!
This orange dress makes an appearance in practically all our Florida trips... I think it needs to be retired, but it's so comfy I can't help it. Also, do you like the photobomber??? 
This photo (taken via selfie stick) was from about 7:00 am on our daily morning beach walk. This morning we were hunting for starfish! I fully recognize that this isn't a great photo of ANY of us (besides Nina and Mae of course who always look like angels)!
Success! We found a starfish pool full of the things - Nina loved it!!
We spent lots of time wading in the water - the ocean breezes and warm temps are seriously the best medicine!!
The best attempt at a mother-daughters photo. Oh well. Better luck next time. 

Ohhhhh Mae Frances, how we love you!
Nina in her beach jammies at sunrise on our morning beach walk. Mr. Evans and I are both early risers (Nina, too!) so we try to make the best of the quiet time with our sweet growing girl!
Pure joy I tell ya!!
We were so happy our friends Chris, Pam and their son Isaac could come visit for the day. So fun!! They're vacationing for an extended trip in FL and made the trek down our way to hang! This is the only photo I got -- Pam, we need to get better at getting photos together!! Hehe! :)
Nina also spent a fun day with Amelia, a local friend who happened to be vacationing the same week as us... yay!
Our best attempt at a family photo... 
I definitely glossed over all the good times, how thankful I am for my dad who trekked to the ER with us when Mae was having a particularly bad day (long story), and for my patient mom who despite having a granddaughter who had a blow out and vomit all over her brand new Pottery Barn furniture in her ocean front condo was the fun, patient, and loving "Nana" full of treats, surprises and thoughtful gestures.


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