Easter Recap

For my memory bank, it's important I cover our Easter festivities! We had a fantastic weekend with family (photo evidence below) and ended Sunday afternoon with a overnight getaway to Sundara Spa!! So relaxing as usual!!

We started out on Saturday spending the day at my in-laws for a delicious lunch and Easter Egg Hunt. The cousins loved hunting for their loot outside and Mae loved a nap with her Grandbear!!
Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came! Nina was up early and when Mae woke up much later, Nina promptly decided to hand deliver the basket right into her crib! :)

We went to church on Easter morning of course and also dyed Easter eggs together! Don't mind our selfies - we were on our own. :)

Here we are before church. This Easter Sunday was a bit different than usual for us. We're typically with my parents for church and then spend the day with our big family for lunch, but since they're in Florida this month we really made the best of it!! Selfie stick to the rescue (below)!

Later that afternoon Mr. Evans and I snuck off to Sundara Spa for the night. The girls lovvved their time with my in-laws and we're spoiled as usual. :) Mr. Evans and I were so thankful for the Sundara time and massages - thanks to my SIL Kate and family for the generous thank you gift!! I've never blogged about it, but they actually lived with us for a few months over the winter (long story but so so so fun... we miss them tons and are SO happy they're living in our little town now... yay)!!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter weekend. :)


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