Links I Love

Every few months I seem to post a compilation of links I love. Here are 10 links to some random things I've come across lately. :) 

1. Even mom's need a reminder to keep our heads up:

2. There are so many great articles about working moms (and SAHM's):

3. On Childhood by Erin Gates:

4. So simple, so profound and so true:

5. This TED worthy talk is stunningly impactful:

6. Ahhh yes. I need to read this once a month: (Alexandra Franzen was a recent guest on my fav podcast, The Lively Show... check it out too)

7. Well just because... why not? It's an addition unlike no other:

8. My SIL and soon-to-be mama Beth shared the above quote with me and so I had to share with you, dear readers. It's so so so good, right?

9. If you haven't seen this you're missing out. I've probably watched it 10 times:

10. I'm happily married, but I found such joy reading these "12 Relationship Tips from a Wedding Reporter" probably because I agree with so much of what she writes. Love is comfortable. Love is kind:


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