Last Week

You may have noticed you haven’t heard from me in about a week which is quite rare!
It’s not because I didn’t want to connect with you or write to you… in fact I thought about you all last week!
The reality is I had a full schedule (more than usual) and I had to choose my priorities (see more about what I mean here and here).
And frankly last week Hooray Mail fell to the bottom of that list.
Yes, it’s the holidays. Yes, my family is ALWAYS important. But last week, I also had a really large event for the non-profit I’m President of on top of a really busy work week (where I work full time outside of Hooray Mail).

But, I’m sure you can totally relate.

We ALL have times when the dishes might not get done right away because what REALLY matters is to spend an extra few minutes on the couch reading a book with your child.
Or maybe, it’s that the laundry piles up a bit longer than you expected or you eat frozen pizza for dinner because sometimes you're just tired and need a break. 
And that’s ok because I’m a big believer in trying my best to NOT feel guilt about this.
It’s easy to have #momguilt, but we’re all in this together!

We’re doing the best we can.
So, the next few days I’m really excited to share with you some fun things we’ve been up to including LOTS of Christmas memories we’ve been making as a family.
But in the meantime, as you’re doing your Christmas shopping don’t forget Hooray Mail.
It’s a perfect gift for your niece, nephew, son, daughter or grandkids. 

Deliver them JOY and LOVE one mailbox at a time!


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