Just because...

A few random iPhone photos for you today just because and to say hello! :)

First, happy Friday. I don't know about you but my weeks have been FLYING by... even more so than usual. Jeesh, let's slow it down I say!! Good thing this weekend we're just hosting dinner for friends tonight, sledding tomorrow and taking it easy on Sunday. Next week we are having our master bedroom and office painted (can't wait!!) so we'll probably have to prep for that a bit too! I'm so excited to redecorate our room and office. I've been pinning/liking so many fun ideas on Pinterest!

Here is a photo of Nina from her "Art Night with Mom" at her Montessori school earlier this week. Here we are working on her A-Z Line.

Read this in my Savor Devotional and snapped a picture. Love love this message!

What did I do with the seashells we carted home from our trip to Florida a few weeks ago? Make picture frames of course! Grab a few $4 frames from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and get to gluing!!

Nina made me this picture... it's is both of us in Florida under the big sun, near the condo (notice the window on each floor?) and a big rainbow near the beach chair... see the photo here she's copying in her head. So so sweet!

Brrrr. We've had subzero temps here lately so this is my daily outfit- haha!! A warm jacket, scarf, hat, Uggs... honestly I barely show any skin! Gotta bundle up, right Wisconsin girls? :)
P.S. I love love this post here  - "Don't tell me you don't have the time"

P.P.S. Loved these episodes of The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes... Aubrey Marcus and Lisa Nichols. :)


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