How to Make Getting Dressed the Morning Easier for Kids!

This one thing has made our mornings SO SO much easier and today I'm sharing it with you. :)

We've been doing this last few months and I swear, if you're a mother of girls, you will thank me!

Ok, so on Sunday night take 5 minutes and label 5 gallon size ziploc bags - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Then, pick out outfit options for your child and allow them to put them on each particular day so you empower them to make the choices. We make sure to also include undies, socks (in the winter), hair times and/or headbands or hairbows. All pre-determined.

That way in the morning your child grabs that day's back and voila - no arguments or fighting or negotiation about outfits! We've used the same gallon size bags for the last few months and on the weekend we just put them in a pile in the closet.

Usually Nina has a helper (ahem, Mae) to put her bags in order in her closet.

Here they are all lined up where she can reach them. :)

Meanwhile, I caught the girls in a quiet moment and snapped a few photos. Do you see Mae's little eyes poking out of the tent below? It cracks me up!!


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