Last Weekend on Artist Bay

As some of you may know my parents sold their lake house and have purchased another home on the lake that they're remodeling over the next 6+ months. Meantime, they'll be bunking with us while it's under construction. 

Last Friday night, totallllly impromptu because it was BEAUTIFUL outside, we hopped on the pontoon and rode to our fav lake restaurant for dinner. The girls were perfect and we all had a wonderful time!

When we got back to their house after dinner, we sat outside on random chairs (because the house/property is totally empty) and had one last bonfire and smores! 

Little did we know, this was the last time we'd "hang out" at that house. The house where they've lived the past 15 or so years.... so full of MANY memories. My prom photos, wedding photos, holidays, memories with our kids, and SO much more!!

Anyway, it was a bit nostalgic actually. :) So, here are a few photos I took that night. So fun!


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