Photo Dump

As usual, life gets all busy and I end up just dumping photos in one big post to catch up. Thanks for sticking with me! :) 

Here is Mark and I from a wedding last weekend. So fun!

My in-laws and all of their grandbabies including Margo from Jackson Hole!!

 All lined up... 

Mark and his sisters...

Nina's creative with Play Doh that's for sure!

A little lunch date with Mark... Margarita included! ;)

Mae on the phone/remote. She's non-stop with this. Ha!
 Root Beer Floats with cousins!

A Sunday night at the races!

Canning homemade salsa with Nina...

She's always reading... 

Facetiming with my parents in Florida... the sunset in our yard and theirs. ;)

Trips to get ice cream are the best!

Love her :)


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