Just because...

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that it's ok to struggle with bits of guilt, loss, worry, unworthiness, or the past. We all have a story. We are not infallible. And, at the end of the day we are strong beings full of courage, we are dreamers, we are survivors. A little faith and a good attitude gets us through the days. I have been inspired lately (lately is a relative term, I am always inspired by others) by a few friends and family members who embody these traits. And just because they were in my heart today, I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Couldn't resist this one... :)

Source: all photos were found on Pinterest. 

P.S. I also thought I'd share a little link love. These sites have my favorite freebies... just check them out and you'll know what I mean. I have major envy for a colored printer! :)

Design Finch
I Heart Organizing
Tip Junkie
Sprik Space


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