Random Photo Dump

Just because I liked these random photos, I thought I'd post them... why not? :) I was going through my camera/iPhone and came across these goodies. 

The Evans girls getting ready for Beth's wedding at the salon. :) I love this photo.
Mr. Evans and Evan matched. Hehe.
I love my husband!
Nina spending time at Grandma's house (only a Grandma would let a baby lick the banana bread batters)!
She'll be 16 before I know it - yikes!
Shopping for a birthday present for a very special 5-year old's big day. She looks so interested by the trucks and bulldozers - don't you think? :)
Snuggling up before nap time. Nina likes to send photos to daddy at work!
We took this yesterday on my first Mother's Day. I was utterly spoiled - roses, pearls and homemade dinner. The trifecta as Mr. Evans called it. Haha. It was a very special day, in many ways. And, we capped it off with an outdoor picnic in the warm sun. :) What could be better?


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