Mother's Day

Mother - the person who gives us life and loves us from the moment we're born. Mothers who love us even before we're even born. Mothers who cry with us, laugh with us or at us, who are patient, who are understanding and kind. Mothers who are there for us when we become mothers. Mothers who protect, celebrate, support. Mothers who show us how to put on make-up, who pull our teeth, who know the right food to serve when we're sad or sick, who is there when you're lonely, who knows just what to say when you need advice. Mothers who love - unconditionally. Mothers who are role models. Grandmothers who are there in spirit. Friends, aunts, cousins... all mothers.

I am lucky. You are probably very lucky, too. Isn't your mom the best? Mine is. She's all that I've mentioned... and more.

This year, as a mother myself, I only hope to follow in the footsteps of those currently mothering and those that came before me. It's important to remember the honor of mothers today. I know I feel blessed. 

My maternal grandmother, Lorraine Anna (Nina's middle name inspiration).
My mom and I... right around Nina's age. :)
My mom as a little girl. She lost her biological mom around this time to breast cancer, but gained a mom who mothered her for years and years. :)
I dug through a few photos, but I have tons full of memories I'd share.
My paternal grandmother, Marlene. 
My biological maternal grandmother, Rose (where I get my middle name).
My husband and my funny and gracious mother-in-law.

I had to add this one of my Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa. I think it's a classic. :)


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