Next Stage Baby Food

Nina is now eating more adult/solid/finger food. Yipee! Gone are the puree making sessions of yesteryear (or yestermonth). But, don't you go thinking I'm done cooking for my little one. No sirree.

Just take this for example:

I am using my immersion blender like no other! Prior to the triathlon last weekend, Mr. Evans wanted pasta with a non-spicy yet hearty sauce. I gave it a good mix (maybe 6-7 pulses with my immersion blender) and it became perfect dinner for Nina. I even made extra and froze some for times when our adult meals just are not kid friendly (i.e. fish, sushi, salads - which we eat a lot of).

I also have devised a little system to hang on my refrigerator so I can keep track of foods I have in the house that Nina can eat. I used to be able to just a pull a "meal" from the freezer, but now I feed her much more variety which means I have to plan a bit more.

Feel free to download and print the little planner below. I thought I'd share. :)

Have a great weekend!!


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