Embroidered Dish Towels

No, I am not 85. However, I do envy the wisdom and knowledge of 85-year-old women! They live life large, work hard, and are usually great at cards, cribbage, canning, cooking and crocheting. Hehe. Anyway, as you may remember when I was preggers I kept my antsy self busy with cross stitching. I am not preggers, but am now keeping my self busy (well busier) putzing around with embroidery. Not sure why, just thought why not?

My mom has dozens of old pillowcases, tablecloths and dishtowels hand embroidered by women from her family. These items must be decades old and are beautiful relics of these crafty women.

I thought I'd take a stab at a few flour sack dish towels of my own. Here are my hand embroidered designs so far. I am still learning stitches, but have enjoyed playing around.

If you're interested in becoming an old lady with me, here are some great resources:

http://soseptember.blogspot.com/2010/02/free-pattern-just-for-you.html (my next project - a nod to our trip to Ireland)

Some are just beautiful, aren't they? So modern and colorful!


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